Corporate Giving ~ should you get involved?

By ThePayrollFactory

Two weeks ago we sent out a newsletter item to our clients, friends and prospects asking them to give to a charity close to The Payroll Factory®’s heart, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This prompted me to start thinking about corporate giving and whether or not companies should get involved in charitable endeavors and if they do should they solicit their clients and business associates or is that muddying your business relationships.

I had some nice responses to the blog I posted about this. Several people not only said they don’t mind corporations backing a charity but actually approve of it.

I am still thinking on this topic. Corporate charity or no?

I personally believe in giving to charities. I do it on an annual basis. Many of our clients have payroll deductions for things like United Way set up and the donations are submitted to the charities on a per pay basis. Again, I like this idea. But as a company should we get behind certain charities? What does it say about us if we do? What do you do if you run into a situation of a client or an employee saying, “Well if you give to this one then you should give to that one”?

Right now I am asking questions. I think next post is the time for answering them and telling you what my experience has been with corporate giving. In the mean time, why not help me out and tell me what you think? You can comment here or email me at

To those who donated to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society – many continued thanks!

Meg Eynon

Vice President

The Payroll Factory®

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