Meg Scrooge wants to talk about Unemployment Compensation

By ThePayrollFactory

Happy holidays to all!

My timing may seem bad but there is an important reminder I would like to share with you at this time of year. Within the next two to three weeks your company will receive its Unemployment Compensation Rate Notice for year 2010.

The only reason my timing seems bad is that no one wants to talk about Unemployment during the holiday season. But you should be giving it some thought.

When your rate comes in for 2010 did you know that you only have a short period of time to make a rate appeal?

State Unemployment rates are based on several factors. Some of them are the number of claimants in the past calendar year; a low reserve account; or liability payments that were marked late by the Unemployment department. Your rate may also be effected by your industry if you are considered to be in a higher risk industry such as construction. While you cannot change your industry you may be able to change the other factors that effect your 2010 rate.

So when you receive your 2010 Unemployment Rate Notice don’t wait. Call your local Unemployment office and find out why your rate is what it is. You may be able to have it lowered! That is right, by finding out why your rate is as it is and by asking questions and even by filing a rate appeal you may be able to have your rate lowered.

It is worth a call and it is worth being called Meg Scrooge to give you such an important reminder!

Have a wonderful holiday season!

Meg Eynon

Vice President

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