Why are the experts shocked but I am not?

By ThePayrollFactory

Do you believe the experts quoted in every newspaper article or business journal?

When I hear in every media report the experts are shocked I throw away all of the information that the experts want to give me.  If the experts were really experts they wouldn’t be shocked by what is taking place with the economy; they should have been expecting this turn of events. If being an expert means they have an extraordinary amount of data and an extraordinary amount of history and no ability to understand the pros and cons, ups and downs, or ebbs and flows of what is there I question their credibility as an expert.

Give me the honest opinion of a group of business owners with experience and their own money at risk or give me the feelings and fears of real people who live a responsible financial lifestyle and I can give a better prediction than the so-called experts.

The market and the economy are based on the confidence of the investing group. Today’s news snippets especially from the shocked experts continue to give all of us doubt about the future. Doubt and fear weaken our ability to recover.

At this point I would rather just have the facts and no opinions from pundints or experts and I can move forward with confindence regardless if that confidence means the market is moving up or down.

Review your long term strategy based on age, risk tolerance and desired returns. Your time lines for your business and your investments should adjust with your age but everybody should expect ups and downs. Some last longer than others, some are deeper than others. But sticking to a long term strategy is the best way to go.

In order to stick to your long term strategy stop listening to the experts.

Allen R Noll, CPA, President


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