Since we are a locally managed online payroll company, you are guaranteed to get the best in personalized, responsive, and reliable payroll service. No matter what your business or how many employees you may have, we have the corporate payroll processing services to match your unique business payroll outsource requirements.

If you require specific services and do not see them listed, please contact us.

Online Data Entry

With our online data entry system you have the ability to enter payroll information into our online software and send it to The Payroll Factory® through a secured Internet connection.

Time Clock Import

If you are using a time clock or have a point of sale system we can help you take payroll data directly from these sources and import them into payroll. You may either import them into our online software or send us a formatted spreadsheet.

Time Clocks: Physical or Web Based

Employees arrive late, leave early and take long breaks. They also forget or approximate in and out times. Usually in their favor. They aren’t dishonest, they are just human. If you are not using an automated time keeping system you are most likely overpaying for labor. With our time clock solution your employees are paid for the time they work. Not for their best guess.

Employee Self Service

With Employee Self Service your employees can retrieve their paystubs and W2s online. They can also submit forms to HR for changes in W4 reporting.

Reports via Email

Are you tired of looking through binders to find payroll reports? We offer you encrypted payroll reports emailed to you each payroll. Just download our free report viewer and you can have your payroll reports at your finger tips. Not only will you be able to find the reports with ease, but you will be able to print them or create PDF files with your reports.

Checkstubs via Email

Most employees are using online banking and keeping their finances running electronically. Why not keep up with current technology and securely deliver their paystub via email? It will make pay day easier for your employees and easier for you.

Pick Your Reports

Are you environmentally conscious? Or are you just tired of having to go through reams of paper to find the one report you really need from your payroll company? We allow you to suppress the paper reports that you do not want or need.

Multiple State Payroll Tax Returns

If your company is located in more than one state we prepare all additional state payroll tax returns as required. We calculate both State Withholding and Unemployment and report it to the proper tax agencies in a timely manner.

Quarterly Local Tax Preparation

We prepare and file all local tax returns, including Philadelphia. When we say all local taxes we mean it. Are you sending in your own Local Services Tax Return? Let us do that for you.

Laser Generated Signature on Employee Paychecks

You may automatically have the executive signature for your company on each employee’s pay check to save time with each payroll.

Pressure Sealed Security Pay Checks

You may receive your payroll checks already signed and sealed on secured pressure sealed check stock. Our check stock has been tested to prevent check washing.

Check Logos

You may have your company’s logo on all employee checks.

New Hire Reporting

We prepare all State required reporting forms for all newly hired employees. The Payroll Factory® sends these reports directly to each State to assure timely remittance.

Background Checks

Through our partnership with National Crime Search we are able to offer you fast and affordable background searches. National Crime Search offers our clients access to a web based database of criminal and sex offender directories with over 500 million criminal records recorded in all 50 states.

Pay as You Go Worker’s Compensation

Are you being hit with a big Worker’s Compensation bill after your annual audit? You can prevent this from happening by using our Pay As You Go Worker’s Compensation plan. We send your payroll data directly to our provider so that they charge you exactly what you should be instead of working off of annual estimates.

General Ledger Reporting

You supply us with your company’s chart of accounts. We provide detailed and summary reports that show what journal entries need to be made for each payroll. Report can be produced each payroll, monthly, quarterly and annually.

Departmental Summarization

Do you need a breakdown of each department showing Gross to net figures? We can provide you with a report each payroll that shows the activity in each department.

Vacation and Sick Accruals

We accrue vacation and sick time based on flat amounts and percentages. The available balances are reported on each of your employee’s check stub. We also provide you with a report showing time accrued, taken and available balances.

Garnishment Submission

Most garnishments, from domestic relations to PHEAA repayments must be made electronically. The Payroll Factory® will work directly with garnishment agencies to submit garnishment details so that all payments get made on time and with assurance.

401 (k) Reporting

Many 401(k) providers require deferral information to be reported electronically. The Payroll Factory® works directly with your provider to set up this information to be submitted.

Section 125 Reporting

We provide you with detailed reports to show the employee deductions for Section 125, including Flexible Spending Accounts, premiums for health care and dental care.

Online HR Access

Do you have questions that you need to have answered but do not have a full time HR department to answer them? You may use our online HRAnswerlink to get answers to your HR questions, free with sign up Employee Handbooks and resources to help you meet your HR needs.

Labor Law Posters! Free!

Did you know that every time there is a change in labor law that you are required to post it? Did you know that all employers are required to post employees rights in the work place? Even if you are the only employee? This can become time consuming and at times costly when states are changing minimum wages and labor laws at a higher rate than in the past. Let us take care of making sure you are compliant. With our Labor Law Poster Service you don’t have to worry if a law has changed. You will receive an email with an updated notice to post and a new laminated poster each year.

Accounting Interface

Your accountant has questions, now, and wants to see your payroll records. We can help you. You or your accountant can log onto our secured website and access your payroll records. You can go on as frequently as you like or need. No searching through paper records, have them stored online.
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