Is February a time for New Year’s Resolutions and Reflection?

By ThePayrollFactory

For many people this is a good time of year for reflection. Whether it is the religious holidays, the long awaiting of spring and warm weather or simply with the relief from the bustle of the holiday season people seem to spend this time of year reflecting and rebalancing themselves. Many people wait until February to set their personal goals so that they are passed the giddy rush of those ever fleeting New Year’s resolutions.


And in business, what are we doing? I think this is a fantastic time of year to evaluate what you are doing and what you should be doing. We are through the rush of distributing W2s and 1099s. We have prepared all of our year end statements. And we may just have a moment to breathe before our tax returns are due. So what are you going to take time to do this year that you have been meaning to do?


Here are a few things that are good to review this time of year:


What are you doing with your marketing plan? Is it working for you? Is it driving business in your direction?


What are you doing with your accounting, bookkeeping and payroll? Are you utilizing the latest technology that your vendors in these areas have to offer? Are you still stuck filing boxes and boxes of paper away each year? Can you streamline your retention process by getting electronic files instead? What do you need to make your life easier in these areas?


When was the last time you reviewed your vendor relationships? Are any of your vendors a good source for networking or trading business leads?


Where do you stand with your customer base? Is there any product or service that is available in your industry that you should consider offering? Is your customer service staff refreshed and ready to be helpful? Are you up to speed with your competition in all areas?


Is 2010 the year that you expand your sales staff? Has your sales staff been to training recently? Are they up to date on all of your company’s offerings and services? Is your staff performing at their very best? How do you help motivate and increase your sales this year?


Business is not always creating something original and having a great new product. We have some clients who have done that and done it very well. But for most of us it is not some wonderful idea that we can bring to production. For most of us being fresh and exciting in our businesses means constantly tweaking the idea we have already had to improve it, polish it and make it better at every turn.


Will you take the time to reflect on your business and your business relationships to see where you may improve and expand this year?

Meg Eynon, VP

The Payroll Factory®

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