Have you learned anything?

By ThePayrollFactory

Day after day we hear stories of emergencies and tragedies. 9/11; hurricanes; blizzards; economic strife and even death and destruction. We have seen it all. We have heard all of the stories and warnings. But have we done anything? Have you done anything to protect your business and your family?

What if your key employee is suddenly not there due to illness, disaster or even death? Are you ready? What if something happens to your building, your computers, your equipment, or your trucks? Do you have enough insurance? Is it the right insurance? Do you have a plan? What do you do first?

What about at home? Would your spouse know what to do if something happened to you? Does your spouse know your wishes? Do you have a medical power of attorney set up? Does your spouse know how to pay the bills? Do you? Does your spouse know who your insurance guy is? Do you?

My family is struggling with the loss of a loved one. How to handle the finances. How to handle the family. How to handle his wishes. It is hard every day. No one ever wants to go through this. Or any tragedy or disaster in life. But responsible business people have a plan. Do you?

Allen R Noll, CPA, President


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