Dad, when are we going to Disney?

By ThePayrollFactory

I don’t want to be afraid anymore. Everyone crying doom and gloom for the last two years petrified me. Not due to my individual circumstances but due to the fear about more bad news. Believe me there is enough real bad news. There is enough real fear  to concern me. I am talking about the irrational fear on top of the rational fear.

My family and I have been saving and planning for almost four years to go to Disney. We were scheduled to go last fall but my irrational fear stopped me from going. We had the money.  Even with very frugal planning I was afraid to spend the money that was set aside. In April we did go. We had a wonderful time. We did not overspend. And I should have gone last fall.

Yes, it is a time to be concerned. No, you don’t want to waste money. But when something is in the budget and necessary it is time we start spending the money again.

It helps us feel better. It helps other people keep or get jobs. Don’t be foolish but I think it is time to start spending again.

Allen R Noll, CPA, President

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