Are you a Mac or a PC?

By ThePayrollFactory

Do you just love that commercial? The one where the super hip Mac watches while the dorky suit and tie PC tries to explain all of the little issues with Microsoft? I do. But here is the thing. I am a PC. Gasps! I know! I know!

I am a PC because I have to be. The software that we use in payroll simply does not run in a Mac environment. I never used to mind. To me Apple was for people who were more creative and needed less of the applications like Excel and Word that I need on a daily basis. But that was a long time ago. Now I am slowly not only understanding the draw of Apple but I feel like I am being lured in by some of the very positive aspects of Mac.

One of the benefits I have heard about with using a Mac is that you spend a lot less time running programs to avoid viruses. A lot less! One of the reasons I have heard given for this is that Microsoft has become such a target for hackers. I can see that. It makes sense. But what do those of us who don’t need a graphics based computer do with a Mac?

Again, from what I have heard, you just sit back and enjoy it. One of our clients said he migrated everything from his PC to a Mac and didn’t lose a single piece of data. Somehow I don’t think I will be as adept as Fred if I try to make that switch over.

My real question though, is are you a Mac or a PC? I think the lines that were drawn in the sand over that question have been blurred. Even we PC types have been lured into Apple products like the IPod, ITouch, or the ever enviable IPhone. I personally can’t wait to see what Apple does with the ISlate that is supposed to be revealed today.

So tell me? Have you been lured over into the land of the Mac yet? Or are you staying with your PC? I am very curious to know!

Meg Eynon, Vice President

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