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Welcome! We have decided to start a unique experiment here at The Payroll Factory® and would like for you to join us!

Allen Noll (the President of The Payroll Factory®) & I read a lot of business books. We read a lot of books, period. Sometimes it is surprising that when reading a popular science book I can find business applications. Or while reading a business book I can find immediate ways to relate it to our staff, our clients or our products and services. But I am not alone. Lots of people I talk to who read are finding inspiration from all different genres.

So how is our blog unique? Well, most of the time I find good books by getting referrals from friends. And I borrow the books from my friends when I can. And that is what The Payroll Factory® Book Blog is going to be all about. Book reviews, recommendations and…borrow what you need from what we have! If you are interested in one of the books that I review then just contact me. If I have it in The Payroll Factory® library then it is yours to borrow!

Happy Reading!

Meg Eynon, VP

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