What is new in 2010?

By ThePayrollFactory

I bet at this time of year most people are going to bed with thoughts of sugar plums, holiday sales, and holiday parties on their minds. Not me!

This time of year ramps up the busy season for payroll professionals. It is not as glamorous or as fun as planning for holiday parties. Sometimes it feels more like hunkering down for the long haul.

Don’t worry for my family and friends. I am still up until all hours fussing over gifts, making last minute goodies, and baking lots and lots of cookies. But I am also trying to get myself beyond organized so that when January 1st hits I am more than ready for the rush.

One thing that I do that I recommend every company that has employees in Pennsylvania should do is check what is new in local payroll taxes. Okay, it is not as fun as checking out who has free shipping online. Or looking for the latest Ugg trends. But it is good and it is very necessary!

It is easy to check. Go to www.newpa.com/index.aspx and see what taxes are new in your township.

It might not be as fun as shopping for the hot new “it” item but you will be glad that you did. A new local payroll tax is not a nice suprise to find on your doorstep in February!

Enjoy Cyber Monday!

Meg Eynon, Vice President


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