Corporations and Giving – Why give?

By ThePayrollFactory

Lately, I have been wondering, pondering, asking about corporate giving and what it means to a corporation, relationships with clients, and relationships with employees. I asked a lot of questions and received some really good answers.

One of my favorite responses to my questions was from Debbie Shupp the Development Director at The Clinic in Phoenixville, PA. Debbie pointed out something very important to me. Giving is not just writing a check. Debbie said, “I think that corporate giving and employee giving to charitable organizations is a must for the health of the community. Many corporations now offer days of giving where they pay their employees to volunteer at a nonprofit organization of their choice. This is a great buy in for employees and nonprofits.”

I think that is a great idea. I read a statistic lately that stated older generations were heavily involved in volunteering their time. My generation, not so much. There are reasons for that of course, but it is nice to have the reminder that if you cannot give financially there are other ways you can help.

I personally think that corporate giving is a fantastic idea. I will cover in my next blog why and how it can work to a company’s benefit to “get involved”.

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Meg Eynon

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