What to expect with your health care if you have lost your job.

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If you have recently lost your job there are many things to worry about. A primary concern for most people is what happens to their health care coverage.

There are several posts on The Payroll Factory® blog about continued health care coverage. But while you are concerned about how to pay your mortgage and whether or not you will have the funds to pay for your children’s school clothes you should not worry about your health care if you had employer provided health care with your job.

Continued health care coverage after the loss of a job is referred to as COBRA. Under the COBRA rules you are eligible for continued health care coverage for up to 18 months after the loss of a job.

If you have recently lost your job it is important that you make sure that your health care coverage continues. This is one less thing that you will have to worry about while looking for a new position. But you have your part to do in the process as well.

When your job position was terminated you should have received a notice from your former employer notifying you that you are entitled to COBRA benefits. This notification should be sent out to you within 30 days of your termination of a job. Whether you were let go from your position or whether you quit, your right to continued coverage is the same.

You must respond to your former employer within 60 days of when your notice was sent or your health care coverage will stop.

If you have recently lost your job and have not received a notice that you are entitled to continuing health insurance you should contact your former employer and get the process started.

You can always call the Department of Labor if you have question about this process and they will supply you with a benefits advisor to help you make sure that your health insurance is taken care of. The number for the Department of Labor help line is 1.866.444.3272.

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