New Project!

By ThePayrollFactory

Well! That did not take long at all.

On Wednesday I was celebrating the finish of a project and by Friday another project is started.

We must have all felt the bug of doing a Spring Cleaning. And so we have started our Spring Cleaning project at The Payroll Factory®.

A lot of people do not like change. They like the coffee maker right where it has always been. They like the pencil sharpener right by the fax machine. YES! A pencil sharpener. Never mind that we haven’t used pencils that need to be sharpened this side of the last twenty years. And they like to mindless reach and find the things that have always been in reach.

But that is not me! I absolutely love to take a space that has been used the same way for thirty years and re-envision it. And that is my latest project at work.

We have been in the same space for close to thirty years now. Walls have come down. Offices have been dismantled. Technology has changed. We have close friends and coworkers retire. And during all that time we would do our annual Spring Cleaning without ever really doing more than scratching the surface after a long winter.

But this time? Well this time I get to delve into all the old cabinets, all the nooks and crannies, and all of the closets and I get to say, “we don’t use this it is time for it to go”.

In case that doesn’t sound too exciting, I get it. But to me it is a wonderful opportunity to clear space, to organize and to have a floor plan that works with how we work now. Crisp, clear and modern.

It’s hard to let go sometimes. But our old MICR machine and type writer are on their way to a better home. I won’t lie to anyone and tell them that those old items are going to The Daisy Hill Puppy Farm (For those not familiar it was a place Snoopy from the Peanuts never wanted to go to. It was also where my dad told me our dogs went after they had gotten old and were no longer there when I got home from school.). And it is sad to see things that you have used in the past go to a new home. But the possibilities? For me emptying out old closets and cabinets open up all of the possibilities!

So? If your Honey Do list is long and the weekend is short maybe you can see the opportunity and possibility of opening up and clearing out spaces.

Enjoy the weekend! And if you need any gently used file cabinets large and small, you can find them at The Payroll Factory® for a limited time!

Best to all,

Meg Eynon

Vice President

The Payroll Factory®


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