Please verify the following information prior to submitting your payroll:

  • Check Date
  • Period Beginning and End Dates
  • Changes to scheduled deductions
  • Changes to employee information (e.g. Exemptions, Social Security #, etc.)
  • Accurate payroll totals (see “Payroll Totals” on next page)

Hourly Employees

  • To pay hourly employees you must submit the number of regular hours to be paid.
  • If an hourly employee works overtime, indicate the hours worked as overtime hours as opposed to regular hours.
  • If an hourly employee is not to be paid, tell the person taking your hours “No Pay” for that employee. Write on your timesheet N/P.

Salaried Employees

  • Salaried employees are NOT automatically paid. You must indicate to us that we are to pay them by saying “Pay” when you phone in, or place a check mark on the time sheet under the salary amount if you are faxing information.
  • If a salaried employee is to be paid either MORE or LESS than the regular amount, please indicate the amount. Please indicate whether this is a permanent or temporary change.
  • If a salaried employee is to be paid for overtime, discuss the amount to be paid with your processor.
  • If a salaried employee is NOT to be paid, tell your processor “No Pay” for that employee. Write on your timesheet N/P.

It is important for you to submit your payroll information in the following sequence:

  1. Current pay information: hours, salary, new pay rate, etc.
  2. Changes to employee name, address or social security number.
  3. Special pays (handwritten checks or adjustments).
  4. New Hires.
  5. Payroll totals (see below) to verify payroll – A control total line has been provided for you at the bottom of the timesheet to record company totals. To ensure the accuracy of your payroll, you will be asked to provide totals for the processor to verify.

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