At the end of your timesheet, please record hash totals (control totals) so we can verify that our totals match yours after we input your payroll information. We would like you to total the regular hours and overtime hours. Below is an example of the required hash totals:

Employee #

  • 1. John Doe
  • 2. Jane Doe
  • 3. Jimmy Doe
  • 4. Jenny Doe
  • 5. Jerry Doe
Hash Total

Regular Hours

  • 40.0
  • 38.5
  • 40.0
  • 40.0
  • 40.0
Total Regular Hours: 198.50

Overtime Hours

We confirm each payroll is correct by comparing our control totals to yours. If there is a difference, we will verify your calculation and call if there is a discrepancy. If no hash totals are provided we consider the timesheet as incomplete. We process payrolls without hash totals at the client’s risk. If we have to rerun the payroll or make corrections, there will be additional charges for the corrections.

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