• Notify us two weeks before your bank account number or any of your employer identification numbers change.
  • Immediately send us any correspondence received from tax agencies (preprinted forms, rate notices, agency inquiries).
  • Send us any change of address two weeks before you begin paying employees in a new tax jurisdiction.
  • Notify us in advance of you intent to merge with another company or transfer employees to or from another company.
  • Contact your processor if you have questions.


  • Date checks earlier than payroll delivery date.
  • Don’t issue manual checks in an earlier quarter than the quarter when the next payroll is to be processed.
  • Don’t make any tax deposits that we are responsible to deposit on your behalf, unless specifically directed to do so.

Stop Payment on Payroll Checks

  • Call your bank (not us) and get the necessary stop payment forms.
  • Inform your payroll processor of any stop payments on the next payroll.

Adding a New Voluntary Deduction for your Company

  • Call your payroll processor prior to the next payroll to be processed.
  • Be sure to tell your payroll processor what code you want to use, the wording you would like and how often the deduction should be taken from your employee’s pay.

Changing Payroll Bank Accounts

  • Allow 10 days and be sure to mention to your processor if the tax impound account should also be changed.

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