Whenever you issue a manual check or void a payroll check that has been issued, the check detail must be reported to us AS SOON AS POSSIBLE whether or not you have us calculate the taxes to be deducted. This information is required for us to accurately determine your tax deposits and produce W-2s and 1099s at the year’s end. There is a nominal charge for each manual or voided check.

If you would like us to calculate the manual check, please call us with the following information:

  • Employee Number
  • Employee Name
  • Hours, earnings, gross pay, etc.
  • Other deductions or pay
  • Check number used

We will then calculate the taxes to be deducted while you wait on the phone and will tell you the taxes and net check.

If you calculated the taxes yourself or are issuing a check for an independent contractor, please call us with the above information and the exact amounts of any Federal, State, FICA and local taxes deducted.

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