• Hourly employees can be paid additional hours for holiday, vacation or sick pay.
  • Any employee can be paid additional earnings for holiday, vacation, sick pay, etc.
  • The additional pay can be included in the regular pay check or you can ask for separate checks. Please make sure the processor is aware of a multiple check request.
  • If an employee normally has a direct deposit check, make sure you indicate whether any additional checks are supposed to be direct deposit also, or issued as hard checks.
  • If a garnishment check is listed on the timesheet, please indicate to the processor whether or not a check should be prepared with the current payroll.
  • Banking Information (Account number and amount for direct deposits). To better ensure accuracy we would like you to send a voided check from the employee’s personal checking account or a deposit slip from the savings account in advance of your processing day. Please attach it to a completed and signed Direct Deposit Authorization form.

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