The Sun Has Arrived

By ThePayrollFactory
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Yesterday was a first in a very long time that I went out without a wool overcoat on. And it felt great and strange at the same time.

Today, without checking the weather report, I did the same.

You can probably tell that I have gone overboard.

With an hour of extra sunlight and twelve inches of snow starting to melt I have gone wild.

I keep looking in the garden expecting to see daffodils. How? Under twelve inches of snow and all of the plowed up piles of ice, snow and salt? Not likely. But I keep looking.

Sometimes it is like that with work as well. Under piles of paper and two years worth of internal documents that need to be scanned staring at me every time I step out of my office I just think – there has to be something good underneath all of the piles.

Oh, not a check or some forgotten about money. But some seed that was laid last year that will come to bloom now. It happens a lot in sales. People we have spoken to for months that are ready to come on board now. But in production? It doesn’t always seem to happen. It can feel more like slogging through the winter snow then seeing a garden bloom. But then an “aha moment” happens and things look good again.

So here is to hoping you get a glimpse of something good to come from a seed planted in the past! Happy Eastern Daylight Time! Or as I like to call it – SPRING!

Meg Eynon, Vice President


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